Day: September 17, 2017

Fare way (P2)

“Except for Sam and Zollie, the rest of us didn’t know a golf ball from a hen egg,” says one of Grandpa Massenburg’s daughters, Martha Sneed, who is in her mid-70s. “But we’re a family, and we’re gonna make this thing work.”

(P1) In the Bull Creek enterprise, the equity formula is simple. Each of the five landowner families controls shares in proportion to the acres they made available. In the same manner, each contributed a proportionate share of the development money.

Anyone who understands business dynamics will tell you one of the shortest roads to ruin is to have a bunch of relatives running an enterprise – let alone five families. Solomon works hard to keep harmony. “I have to watch the personalities at play and make sure they don’t clash, nothing that would jeopardize the project.” And he’s careful to keep the family members abreast of every step. “Everyone’s happier now that we are starting to see it bear some fruit.”

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