Best Golf Gift For Black Friday

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Black Friday is the ’IT’ day to pick up golf gear that you lusted after for so long.  The trick is to look for products that are moderately priced and see a price drop big enough to bring them to your budget. There are often maverick golf rangefinders hidden in the barely affordable price range that become highly affordable come Black Friday.

Their high-end features make them bang major for the bucks at reduced prices. Check out best golf rangefinder for the money for more options. Meanwhile, take a look at the specs of our top pick for the best budget golf rangefinder for Black Friday and go shopping prepared for the best.

Our Top Pick: Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Limited Edition Rangefinder

The Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt Golf Rangefinder is an upgrade on their famed V3 rangefinder. The innovative features debuted by the V3 have been re-done in a better, more user-friendly manner in V4. Light and quick on its feet, this device brings competition to the doorstep of the best golf GPS rangefinders.

Drool-worthy Highlight Features:

PinSeeker with JOLT: Don’t fiddle with the golf laser rangefinders anymore. Aim the Tour V4 roughly in the direction of the flag and let Pinseeker do the rest instantly. The PinSeeker finds the flag in a jiffy and the Jolt technology gives you a vibration response to confirm that the target has been locked. You feel invincible with the most accurate distances at hand without any trace of doubt. The threshold of Jolt confirmation is high accuracy. Sometimes you might not get a Jolt immediately even after you have the correct distance unless V4 is satisfied. So the Jolt is absolute confirmation on the distance reading.

Fast Focus System: This Bushnell golf rangefinder is equipped with 5x magnification. Its fast focus system eliminates any blurriness and gives you a clear view of the horizon you are trying to range. This reduces the time taken to the range and significantly cools down the temper of the golfer behind you.

Accuracy: While the PinSeeker and Fast Focus technologies work rather hard to ensure accuracy, the V4 Jolt ranges within 5-1000 yards. This is more than sufficient for most of the golf ranges. It can spot 400+ yards to a flag within an uncertainty of 1 yard.

Slope Technology: The Bushnell Tour V4 laser rangefinder is available in both normal and slope version. The Slope version gives you slope-adjusted distances when you play on hilly or undulated courses.  It allows the slope functionality to be disabled and is legal to be used that way in the tournaments according to the revised rules. Also unlike Tour X, you can disable the slope function here with a simple button-press. No need to change faceplates.  The Regular model does not have the slope functionality, so you don’t need to court the ambiguity at all whether it’s allowed in the tournaments or not.  The Slope model has a red faceplate while the regular model has a black faceplate.

Size: One of the most important changes, the Tour V4 golf rangefinder made over V3 and Tour X is size reduction.  It is almost 30% slimmer than these two models. It is only 4” in length, 3.11” in breadth and 1.57” in depth. At around 6 ounces, it feels light and tactile in your hand. You don’t hesitate to aim this one right at the heart of the target.

Cover: The Bushnell Tour V4 golf rangefinder delights the Black Friday shopper with a high-quality zippered carry case. It has a strap closure system which makes it a quick access case when strapped on to your golf bag via its carabiner clip.


  • PinSeeker technology for quick pin recognition
  • Jolt Technology to confirm target locking
  • Slope and regular models available
  • Accurate within 1 yard up to 400+ yards
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Excellent cover-cum-carry case


  • Not Waterproof

This golf rangefinder is powered by a CR2 battery. It has ergonomic curves sheathed in the Stabi-Grip cover which makes it easy to hold it stable. Prior to purchasing, it’s also advisable to consider factors such as for example water-resistant capability and the battery-life of the machine. Lastly, golf rangefinder techniques with longer and much more encompassing warranty and also good client assistance are usually a lot more desirable.
With so many golf rangefinder products available currently, purchasing this equipment could be a confusing procedure. The classic Bushnell hasn’t cut any corners in creating a highly durable product. This is such an exciting buy that Black Friday couldn’t be here sooner!

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