What is the boat for me: An Aluminum boat or an inflatable boat?

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 You are looking for a boat and get confused? You are wondering what kind of boats is best for you. Is it an inflatable boat or is it an aluminum boat? Which is better? Yes, and you are still confused. What should you do?

Is that the situation that you are in? I recommend you to keep all your cash, your credit card safe somewhere, out of reach. It is not wise to make any purchase decision when you are in such a confusion. You should do more research and gain a clear idea of what you want first before you actually pay money for anything, otherwise, you might end up regretting your choice.

We can compare choosing a boat to choose a shirt. It is kind of similar. What to consider when you choose it?

Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself:

  • How are you gonna use it?
  • Where are you gonna use it?
  • Apart from me, will it be used by any other person?
  • How much can I spend on it?

These are four basic questions that will be your leading guide to your purchase. Don’t be surprised, the answers are already inside you. All you need to do is to calm down and give it some thoughts.

Generally, there are two types of boats that you can choose from inflatable boats and hard-sided boats. The fabric is the main material used to build an inflatable boat which can be inflated or deflated as you need. On the other hand, hard materials such as aluminum are used to make the hard-sided boats, and they are in fixed shape. You can tell the inflatable boats are easier to move around than the other type.

How are you gonna use the boat?

Aluminum boat

To answer the question, think about your main activities since each boat is designed to cater to a different purpose. Some are even made to be specialized for one activity. Therefore, the best boat for you should be chosen based on what you are doing with it.

The first thing you can think about is the loading capacity of the boat. However kind of boat that you are choosing, you should make sure that the boats in your mind should meet the loading capacity requirement of your main activities and have some flexibility. You might think an aluminum boat can carry more than an inflatable boat, you might be wrong since the aluminum boat is heavy on its own then itself can consume most of the loading capacity. On the other hand, there is no such problem with the inflatable boat since it is filled up with air.

The second thing to keep in mind is the functions of the boat. You can find on the market now different boats with the multipurpose design. They can be suitable for activities like rowing, sailing, paddling, cruising, and fishing. Such boats mostly are inflatable boats. You have to make the decision of which activities you will use your boat most for. In terms of aluminum boats, they are not as flexible as inflatable boats, therefore, they are not easy to transform to a different purpose.

Where are you gonna use the boat?

Are you going to use the boat on a lake or on the sea? The boat for each place is totally different from the other.

You should pay attention to the material of the boat. There are materials of boats that are specially designed to handle the salty water and the strong UV ray of the sea. In order to choose the right boat, it is essential for you to know where you will use the boat. You can search sea eagle inflatable boats; they are one of the kinds that can work well with both environments, whether it is lake water or sea water.

The next thing in your mind should be about the stability of the boat. If you are going out to the sea, you will face waves, then the more stable boat will be needed. The deciding factors for the stability of a boat are the materials and buoyancy.

Who else is using your boat?

If you are not the only one who handles the boat, you should consider the other user or their ability to handle and control the boat.

Whether your boat should be lightweight? If you have a kid, and he/she wants to use the boat too, you might want to make it easier for them to have a lighter boat. The inflatable boat is a good choice since it is easy to use with an air pump and very lightweight.

How much can you spend on a boat?

The budget is always one important consideration for every purchase decision. When you want to own a boat, you should not only think about the price tag of the boat itself but also think about the fee to maintain the boat. They can be fees like insurance, storage, trailers, fuel and gas, repair, license and many other fees that can occur.

The thing we want to talk about here is the storing and transporting cost for the boat. The inflatable boats once again the winner regarding this concern. Since it can be deflated, it will save up on transporting fee as you can easily have it on your car boot instead of having to use a trailer or other towing vehicles. The storage for inflatable boats is also much easier compared to aluminum boats.

The next thing you want to think about is the fuel consumption of the boat. Inflatable boats, since they are lighter, they require less power to move. It will save you on fuel money.

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