A Handy Guide How Tennis Is Played For Beginners

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Like other sports, tennis is also a popular sport that we can see in some championship from countries to the world.

With a pair of tennis rackets and a tennis ball with a net in the middle of the court, most of us assume this sport is not difficult to play. However, when you bring a racket and kick the ball to another side of the net or try to reach the ball, this is the time to rethink again.

Every new player always needs to learn how tennis is played. Chances are, if you are reading this article, you will have a complete understanding.

Identify rules for playing tennis

Before playing tennis or any sport, you need to know the rules of each game. With the tennis, you also should recognize its court dimensions. To begin a game, two players or four players will hit the ball to the other. Then, the receiver continues to return the ball back to their opponent. This stage is called a rally.

The rally keeps until the ball flies out the court or hits the net without handling to pass over the opponents side or bounces back two times before a player can kick the ball to the opponent. The basic playing rule is a player can hit only the ball once before returning it to the opponent.
The point is reached for players whose get some actions: one player wins a game by receiving four points with a different shot of at least two over their opponents. The entire game is won when one player has won total six games to win a set or continues the rules which a set could be won by two clear games edge over the opponent.

Matches are established from three to five sets, for example. When a player has won two sets in a three-match set, or three sets in a five-match set, the winner confirmed because the opponent could not reach the winner. The match is completed without being played in all sets.

Prepare for the tennis game

When you have already known how tennis is played, this is the time to prepare for the game. Select and purchase your suitable outfit.

Most of the female players choose a short skirt with a short-sleeve shirt, shoes, and a tennis cap if the weather is great. With male players, they can wear a sort with sleeve shirt, shoes, and a tennis cap. In other words, comfortable and flexible are the top priorities for a suitable clothing to play this game.

After having a great outfit, this is the time to look for a high-quality racket. For those who are not sure about a good racket, consult a tennis coach is the best solution. If not, then you can select a racket with a large head because it will give more power frictions with a bigger sweet spot.

With the suitable tennis balls, these are made from rubber materials and carefully wrapped.


These points are fundamental for new players to recognize the play rules and what they need to prepare before attending the game. Advanced players agree that tennis is a challenging game with several obstacles and lots of unforgettable moments in the way of their goals. As a newbie, you will get your own experience in the upcoming time.

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