How to hunt a duck successfully: 10 amazing tips

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In the United States, when it begins turning to the cold season, that is also time for hunting migrating waterfowl. The ideal time to hunt one even a flock of ducks is in the early morning. Yet, in the US, the hunting season of duck is some weeks. Are you ready for the upcoming duck hunt? Let me provide you some helpful tips to be a pro or at least you don’t have to come home without anything:

  1. Have a plan for hunting:

It seems to be very simple, but not all hunters remember to do this.

  • Check to know how the weather is in the area where you will hunt because the blowing direction of the wind will influence the option of blind and how to set your decoy spread.
  • Don’t forget to spend your time for scouting where ducks are going to lauding in advance.
  • Some hunting locations are too far to drive, but you can scout by searching on the Internet to look for the favorite mapping website.
  1. Pattern the gun before hunting:

It may be very finicky to load a shotgun. Thus, be sure to choose the appropriate ammunition to your hunting gun as well as choke by patterning your gun before hunting.

  • To ensure that the shot pattern can open quick enough close your shots, the best distance to test the loads is 10 yards.
  • Retest the shot pattern again with longer shots at 40 yards to make sure everything is still tight.

In the event of the wrong pattern, don’t worry because you are able to switch the choke or try another different load.

  1. Have a practice with your dog:

Some dogs can’t stand specific conditions in a few active hunting seasons. Therefore, ensure to familiarize your dog with hunting a few times before your formal hunt.

  1. Maintain the hunting gear:

Skipping this step may be the best way to ruin your hunt. Don’t set your gear up in the predawn darkness.

Don’t let the following condition happen. At the hunting point, you see your damaged decoys especially the cords and weights create a tangled spaghetti plate, or your boat motor comes with a dead battery.

Prepare and check all your hunting tools before your hunt at least one week to ensure everything is functional and clean.

  1. Get rid of shine:

Actually, this is also one of the steps in maintaining your gear. Let you check and repair any shiny spots on decoys, gun, blind, and boat.

At first glance, it is just a scratch, but that point on aluminum hull may be the reason of a sharp-eyed duck decides to fly away.

To deal with this problem, remember to carry one or two of dark paints to touch up them.

  1. Set the decoys properly:

Actually, there is not a surefire pattern to do this, but the use of the right and tried “U” or “J” pattern from some experienced hunters.

The direction of the wind and the hunting area’s layout are features which influence the use of pattern.

  1. Change others, if it isn’t working:

Your setup needs a change in case your preys are only circling a few times and fly away. You can set 100 yards away or flare off before it comes in range.

Don’t be hesitant to:

  • Break cover to reset the decoys
  • Choose another better blind
  • Make a camouflage on the boat

Note: the sharp-eyed waterfowl can feel the first sign of danger to abort the landing.

  1. Select an experienced person for calling the shots:

You may be irritated by an inexperienced hunter who calls the shot poorly. Sometimes, it may be difficult to call because the duck is at the unexpected distance. Thus, you need an experienced person to do this when you shout “take ’em.”

  1. Never overcall:

Sometimes, you will need to call more for bringing in flocks, but it’s best to call intermittently and more variety.

  1. Camouflage:

Consider the environment, blind, and your camo as long as they match together.

You can apply what a sniper will do, turning the boat into a big ghillie suit. What you need to do is just to tie on grasses, reeds or foliage from the hunting location.

The final word:

To make clear, I will summarize all tips mentioned above as follows:

  • First of all, before anything else, you have to have a detail hunting plan like checking the weather in where you hunt.
  • Choose the proper ammunition to the gun and choke by patterning it before your hunt.
  • Practice with your dog before hunting because some of them get out of shape in a few hunting seasons.
  • Maintaining the hunting gear means you must make sure everything is ok without being broken
  • Removing shine because that can be the reason which your preys fly away
  • Set the decoys following to”U” or “J” pattern and remember to change another if it is not right
  • Choose an experienced hunter to call the shots and don’t over call.
  • In my opinion, camouflage is the best tip which you should apply

Have you applied any tips above? Are they useful? Please let me know your favorite tip which makes the successful duck hunt by leaving a comment in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share, if this is an informative post.

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