How to Master Hunt Turkey with Bow

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Turkey is a big bird and it is also known as aggressive animals in the wildlife, so it is not easy to hunt turkey with a bow. Nonetheless, when you have known and practiced the techniques from experienced bowers, you will know how to shoot turkey easily. Just aim at the neck of these gobblers, you will win the game. The key point is recognizing how to reach the right target on their necks? This is the reason why you should continue reading our post!

Adjust the bow

As turkeys are also tall animals, so you need to adjust your bow to a higher direction. In general, you can hunt these birds at a very close range, but you should aim at the right angle.

Sometimes, you need to hold the bow in one or two minutes tightly before shooting. Hence, it is better to keep a 10-pound bow than a 30-pound range. By doing that, you are able to remove a heavy-duty or decrease your poundage.

Select a good broadhead

With a high-quality broadhead, you can shoot gobblers greatly. A 6-inch blade could be sharpened to a sharp edge so that it ought to cut the slightest contact.

On the one hand, the blade also has a 4-inch diameter to support you have more wiggle rooms as you are keeping the gobbler’s neck.

Whether you aim their neck or their head, their head and body will have different directions.

Make blind points

Why should you need to create blind points? Because you do not make gobblers pay attention to your action.

It does not matter you hunt them in the evening or in the early morning. The key point here is keeping the hunting place as dark as you can. You must wear black clothes as well.

Furthermore, you should get a broadhead clearance for whirling blade and never shoot turkeys through a window screen.

Prepare a suitable shooting range

To get the head in a turkey is making close to it and letting it stand as long as you can shoot. Therefore, you should prepare an available shooting range beforehand.

Establish a jake behind a compliant hen or a feeding hen. Then, you should wait until the bird comes to the jake and assume a presiding position. This action means that the turkey recognizes itself in front of the jake.

A shooting range should set only a few yards from the blind points. In other words, you need to arrange them tightly in a 10-yard shot or less.

Practice is the key for beginners

With new bowers, you should set a short distance in the range. For example, try to shoot at 5 yards or 20 yards only. Furthermore, you can shoot from a stool or a chair if you practice in the blind.

Experienced hunters shoot about 5 inches below the gobbler’s head. For you, you enable to shoot at 1-inch groups at this range point.


Hunt turkey with a bow is not a daunting task if you prepare your gearbox and practice techniques on a regular basis. Another point to improve your skill in this shooting range is how you feel about playing this game. Be patient to practice and relax during a practicing time.

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